Marvin Yorks is an artist from the Netherlands

His style is black and grey Chicano. All the hard work and dedication is what brought him to the place where he is now, a studio with his own personal touch to every detail. All he wanted to create was a space where you can see breathe and experience everything that he stands for. Paintings, collectibles, merchandise and artwork is what you can find in his studio. Together with his wife Nikki who’s a fineline tattoo artist in the studio, they dedicate their lives to make art by a living. Love loyalty and respect is what they live by and die for. 


The artwork that I make is a homage to the lost souls that left us behind with nothing but greatness. I started creating my stencil work, (that I use for tattoos), to a whole new concept by making them as a graphic design. All drawn on the IPad. Every artwork that I make can be used as a tattoo stencil because of the style I draw them. No shading just lines that create the depth and shapes of the figures. The concept is to keep the souls that we’ve lost in our memories and never forget what they brought us throughout their music but also the inspiring characters that they where and still are.

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